FSF Gabe as

Rick Barlow

Sonja Kinnunen as

Talla Vreenak

FSF Sail as

Marisol Hocevar

A brillant engineer turned commanding officer.  Rick Barlow is a man haunted by his decisions.

A stranger in a strange land.  Talla Vreenak is a Romulan heavly seeded in traditions of a fallen empire.

A petite powerhouse of confidence, intelligence, and scorn.

The Gnostic as

Anam Farooqi

Brett K. Reese as

Brett K. Reese


A souless wanderer dressed in black with an inescapable fate to combat his brother, the King of the Borg Collective.

A man of sprituality and faith.  A character of passion and forgiveness and quiet defense of the philosophical.

A medical doctor of some pedigree forced to live within an unforgivably cruel existence; finding comfort in vices

thepariaheffect as

Owen Scott

Janice Lacey James as

Janelle James

Mia Cummings as

Ameila Moore

A lost operative and fallen king.  A man whose set is to deal with two personalities and the struggles within.

Empathic, personal, and understanding.  A shoulder to lean on and a hand to pull upon when one has fallen too hard.

A woman of strength and lacking confidence.  She struggles with decisions of the past, faulting herself.

Past Characters

FSF Gabe as

James Maxwell

FSF Sail as

Colin Byrne

FSF Bourne as

Sarah Jamieson

The Conduit of the Legacy who sought to change the outcome prophesied as Mankind's end.

A fractured man who sought to defy fate.

A woman struggling with a forgotten past who could never face her ghosts.

Bridget Cavenaugh as

Bridget Cavenaugh

FSF Scarlett as

Shannon Conner

FSF Bourne as

Joanna Jamieson

A woman of strict ideals, even tighter sense of moral code and by the book methodology.  She served during the Fringe War but did not return.

A woman who could not find her place in the world never having to make her mark upon the story.

Wife of Sarah Jamieson, Joanna had insight beyond measure.  She went missing after the destruction of Churn.

baruc as

John Crawford

FSF Josh as

Scott Trent Orlan

FSF Sorveck as


First Chief Engineer of the Eternity.  A brillant man and resourceful.  Died during the assault on Metar Colony.

A genius inventor, a friend, a rock, and another taken before his story could find conclusion.

A creature of shadow and conflict within himself.  Sorveck served the, "greater good," until it ultimately cost him.

Juila Winters as

Julia Winters

Aiustis as

Hmra Etal

Aiustis as

Yahan Zazi

Died during the Fringe War, one of the crew members lost during the opening firefights.

A character of hidden strength lost during the Borderland Incursion, never to be found.

Left a life of religion to join Starfleet, hoping it would allow her to find herself purpose.  She eventually did on Eternity.

Michael Hill as

Harold Ambrose

FSF Dragon as

Jonathan Harmon

JohnEtti as

Corezemo Secutis

Former Syndicate Mercenary who died during a takeover on board Hope.

Former Marine Commander of Eternity's Reaper Team.  Lost during the Borg insurgence on Eternity.

Served onboard Eternity during the Fringe War.  One of the few surviving members whose ending hasn't been told.

FSF Lynx as

Sally O'Connor

FSF Lynx as

Lauren Noujaim

A Medical Officer who survived the incursion by the Borg, but killed in action months after the incident.

Killed in action during the second incursion of the Borg Collective.  Lost when Sickbay was hit during the firefight.

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