S02Ep10 The Saviors of Zahara

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"..., a storm approaches"

- Prathandor to Calmest, S02Ep10 The Saviors of Zahara

S02Ep10 The Saviors of Zahara is the tenth episode in Star Trek Eternity's Season 2. It was created on August 19, 2013 and saw the crew of Hope venture to the Ha'Dara system, the last known location of the Hirogens. It is followed by S02Ep11 Broken City and is preceded by S02Ep09 The Red King.



The episode opens with Grand Master Prathandor standing aloft the Kingdom of Undine in Zahara in the white gold tower of the floating isle. He looks upon the world that is on the grip of war, the conqueror King Calmest and his army of Fairfax blame Prathandor and his people's use of magicka as the cause of the Blight that strictness the land. However Prathandor's vision tells of a scar in the land, a wound that festers far into the lands of the Scourge. As he tries to focus on the image, tries to see beyond to the wound's location, he falters to the floor. He is comforted by a young apprentice Pan that King Calmest rides to the gates of Undine Draldurge, in the wishes of talk. Prathandor, not wanting further bloodshed, agrees and meets Calmest at the great gates of Draldurge along with the rest of the Council of Mages. At the meeting Calmest and Prathandor speak of the approaching Scourge from the East, Calmest relaying that which he spoke of at the Land's Meet. It is a danger that threatens Fairfax, Calmest's kingdom and although a common threat, Calmest's desperation fuels him to murder Prathandor, sighting that magicka is why they come, where the Scourge was born from and what caused the Blight. At his last breath, Prathandor issues the warning that a storm approaches.


Hope departs the Crimson City, having received the navigational data from Gerrick the Red King. Captain Rick Barlow presents the avenue of which he hopes will lead to the destruction of the Eternity, a virus composed and whose purpose is the complete shutdown of any and all levels of Borg nanotechnology. He charges Commander Talla Vreenak and Lieutenant Marisol Hocevar with the task of creating a delivery system before his mention of their next destination of Ha'Dara, the last known location of the Hirogen people. It is with hope that they will be able to make an alliance with them.

As the meeting concludes, Lt. Hocevar is engaged by a shadowy Commander Colin Byrne who, in talk provides Hocevar with another better delivery system, one they already had, himself. Marisol shuffles that thought aside, the nagging conclusions coming to fold that Colin Byrne was a man of very little to lose. She ponders for the next 18 hours while Hope's crew venture to other areas of duties before the ship drops near the planet.

Ha'Dara appearance is that of a lifeless planet, its orbit surrounded by decaying facilities that, upon inspection, looks as though they were abandoned. However, in close to scan, Hope's sensors pick up signs of life, though week. Captain Barlow, curious, leads the away from of Commander Vreenak, Dr. Brett Reese, and Counselor Janelle James, beaming over and leaving Commander Byrne to take the conn to the incredulity of Ensign Anam Farqooi.

On the station, Barlow leads the away team to a central chamber, a crude space forcible hollowed out to contain a Borg designed central power/control spire that glows centrally among a ring of surrounding stasis containers. Further investigations reveal the occupants to be Hirogen, some long dead, while others seem to be unconscious, but alive. Commander Gabriel "Matrix" Logan's own Borg enhancements enable him to bypass control lockouts and bring the station's overall system grids back online, much to the quiet consternation of Commander Vreenak. Analysis begins, indicating the occupants to be engaged in an artificial reality construct, the construct appearing to be decaying which makes reading the data difficult to nearly impossible. In proposition that Hope's systems might be better suited, Logan begins to stream the data to the ship in an effort to gain further understanding. As the transference, a syphon program engages, pulling power from a new resource, Hope, lowering the reserves of the starship to dangerously lower levels.

At the cusp of this report from Byrne, Janelle James attacks Captain Barlow, striving to connect with the stasis Hirogen, having to lower her empathic barriers. She is subdued and the away team is beamed back aboard just as the energy reserves dip even further. Out of concern from Ensign Farqooi and Lieutenant Harold Ambrose Commander Byrne orders the Hope for landing on the dead world before all energy onboard becomes dry. It is realized that all of their power is sought by a greedy entity within the lifeless planet, giving Byrne a location to land. However, a smooth descent suddenly shifts to shock of atmospheric burn in; the planet Ha'Dara is alive and lush in oxygen, vegetation, and intelligent life of a Feudal evolution. Hope bursts through the cloud covering to find a floating castle, spires and towers immediately to the bow.

Farqooi screams the Hope into a maneuver, clipping the structure before quickly determining a suitable landing sight among a grassy plain. Engineering shuts down the warp core as the ship touches down and the computer cores are deactivated preventing any further power drain. The ship goes dark keeping Hocevar and her Engineering team busy while Captain Barlow and Commander Vreenak's arrival on the bridge is met with a briefing by Commander Byrne. Without eyes outside, Hocevar's effort to bring basic power, Barlow orders a scouting party of two, Vreenak and Farqooi, to take stock of the surrounding area.