S01Ep06 The Followers of Nero

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"You are James Maxwell..., no matter how hard it is to tell yourself this, you remember my love, do not let this take it away from you...,'"

- Julia Passings to James Maxwell , S01Ep06 The Followers of Nero

S01Ep06 The Followers of Nero is the sixth episode and season finale of Star Trek Eternity's first season. The thread was created on the simming.net forums on March 22, 2011 at 9:57am by The Writer. The episode follows S01Ep05 The Vault events and has the starship Eternity modified by the Vault's systems in the effort of combatting the Nero.



The Cadecus and the Enterprise badly damaged during the battle of the Vault, sit in stationary orbit while the crew of the Eternity make their great exodus from the ship to allow the automated systems of the Followers of Nero facility to modify the Sovereign Class with Follower Technology.

Act One

While Major Jonathan Harmon is fixed with a robotic hand, Lieutenant Commander Colin Byrne finds the recent orders to extricate from the ship and the new mission plan to be rather suicidal. He confides with Ambassador Picard and Commander Troi who makes it known to the Lieutenant Commander that if he has feelings for Lieutenant Amelia Moore that he should voice them now before the Eternity is birthed from the Vault for he might not have his chance when the battle starts. Eventually the crew leaves the ship and the process of turning the Eternity into a ship that can stop the Nero begins in full.

Meanwhile, under the knife, Commander James Maxwell undergoes treatment to be neurally linked to the Eternity, the same procedure that was done to the Nero's captain, Vicious. Waking up he finds that his spine has been infused with a mechanical apparatus, fusing his nervous system. He begins to "feel," the Eternity's call to him as the ship nears its completion of it's own transformation. When the ship is ready, James and his Follower escort venture towards the Eternity where the crew have gathered. It is where they catch the first glimpse of their Commanding Officer after nearly eight hours of surgery. Maxwell orders his First Officer to ready the crew, head count taken, and supplies moved aboard the Eternity.

Entering the vastly changed Soverign, D'Spal and Maxwell venture to the Bridge where, with efforts complete, Maxwell kills D'Spal using the neural interface between himself and the ship, ordering the ship to rip the Romulan in two. From the shadowed corners of the Bridge, Agent Sorveck watches and is ordered by Maxwell to proceed with the clean up of the Vault.

Act Two