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Episode 11: Broken City






The Voth were a powerful race once, advanced reptilian ancestors of the dinosaur race, the Voth's advancements knew no boundries.  Now, Captain Rick Barlow and crew search for what's left of them as they venture to the Concord System where a Dyson Sphere and an old friend await them.  Read More

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Opened on:  Feb. 10, 2014

Concluded:  Sep. 15, 2014


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Next Episode: The Sons of Eternity

Nearly a year and a half, the crew of Hope have suffered in the Delta Quadrant.  Lives were lost, sacrifices made.  It all comes to a conclusion as the Sons of Eternity cross swords in Star Trek Eternity's Season 2 Finale.


- Jetan Remsen

- Kurr

- Borg

- Machine Wars

- Hagar

- Sion "Xatrix" Logan

- Norpin

- Gwren

- Progenitor Virus

- Janeway

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